Saturday, July 02, 2005

A thorny problem

So, I'm back in Vegas.

I managed to grab 14 hours sleep before playing the $3000 NL holdem yesterday.

I picked up a dream table draw. After playing with them for 4 hours there was only one I could honestly say had any semblance of a game. The rest were tight/passive and seemed genuinely scared of busting out.

I had built my stack up to 5,500 when the following hand came up.

Blinds were 100-200 and I raised to 700 in middle position with AQ. The sb didn't see my raise and thought everyone had passed to him. He attempted to raise to 600. The dealer informed him of my raise and he seemed very flustered. He didn't say raise when he put his 600 in so he had to complete my bet (he had 500 less than me prior to the hand). I really didn't know what to think. I didn't know whether he would have reraised me preflop so all I knew was he wanted to raise the bb. Hmmmm. So, we saw the flop heads up. It came AKQ rainbow. He checked and I bet 800. He now raised to 1800. Bollocks. He was certainly tight/passive but that didn't mean he had me beat. He had seen me be very aggressive and bet into virtually every pot I raised. With Ax he would probably assume he was in front and his raise suggested to me that he was keeping a couple of grand in case I had a real hand. I *could* have passed or called but I honestly thought I was in front so I moved allin. He beat me into the pot with KK. Ugh. It was so annoying because against this player although I might call a small reraise preflop I almost certainly don't double him up if he had indeed reraised. It wasn't quite the end of the story however. I managed to parlay my remaining 550 into 3000 when I picked up AK UTG. I limped. A new player to the table made it 700 to play and was called by the bb. I pushed in for about 2000 more. The raiser called with QJ! He hit a Jack on the flop and sent me scurrying to the rail.

I was really gutted. It was definitely my best chance of going deep into a comp thus far in the WSOP. On reflection I should just have mucked the AQ when he reraised. Even if I had the best hand I feel my +ev on this particular table was so big that passing was the correct move. Oh well, live and learn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unlucky Keith,
if you like I can get Joe to fly out and give you some training for the big one,
Best of luck,

10:53 AM  
Blogger David Young said...


logic like this will get you buried:

"With Ax he would probably assume he was in front and his raise suggested to me that he was keeping a couple of grand in case I had a real hand."

I'm not saying I haven't fallen into this trap before, but I am increasingly of the view that most people are only playing their own hand. So given the choice between:

A) 'he's making a play on me'


B) 'he's got the dog's bollocks and he's isn't remotely interested in what I've got, because his hand his so strong that he's not thought further than that',

I will go for the latter almost every time now.

Anyway, wasn't one of your new year's resolutions something along the lines of 'If I haven't got it, the other guy has'?


6:40 AM  

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