Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Couple of Quick Bets...

I am aware that I haven't sorted out the profit/loss for the football season yet. I will rectify this soon.

To be going on with, a couple of bets in the US Open really appeal.

Golfers just aren't going to come off the pace tomorrow. Only two players bettered par today, and all week breaking 70 has been very difficult.

The course is so tricky I couldn't back Goosen to hold on at around 1/2... And unless Tiger comes up with something really special noone is going to come from 5 back or more to win.

I think Olin Browne and Jason Gore, who have both been very steady all week have a great chance and are definitely each way value. If either scores a 70, it could well be good enough to win and as much as a 73 could lead to a top 3 finish.

10 pts each way Browne 25/1 (Totesport 1,2,3 1/4)
5 pts each way Gore 25/1 (VCBet 1,2,3 1/5)


Blogger reevio said...

Bloody hell you put the kiss of death on those two!! :)

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not too sure about this

5:26 AM  

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