Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Vegas Diary Part 1

Day 0 (Sunday 5th June)

It's safe to say that this was thge most unpleasant flight I've ever endured. The turbulance was awful. Coming into land was like riding a big dipper. I tasted the contents of my stomach at least 10 times. Not nice.

I could have coped with that but the geezer next to me kept digging his bloody elbow in my ribs. I must have told him 5 times but he kept doing it. Tosser.

But worst of all, I was sat slap, bang in the middle of a wedding party of about 50. And the blokes in this group seemed intent on drinking the plane dry. There was an atmosphere of violence for the final 6 hours of the journey. I was sure it was going to kick off, but somehow the stewardesses kept the peace and we made it without any trouble. But, it was more like a Saturday night in Blackpool than a sedate snooze to Vegas.

It was very much the B team of British poker players making the trip on my flight. The first eleven: Sunar, Devilfish, Hendon Mob, Colclough, Kabbaj and Citrone were already there for the first events.

The stragglers on my flight were Bruce Atkinson, Ali Sharkeshik, Allan Rutter and a couple of geezers from Luton who's names escape me. I doubt whether the B's will be troubling the engravers with spelling our names on a nice gold bracelet... But who knows eh?

The flight was 90 minutes late arriving, but I worked out if I sped through all the airport palarva and checked in at the Mirage quickly I would just make the 11.30pm (GMT) super for a WSOP main event seat on 'Stars.

Everything went extremely smoothly and I got to my room with 40 minutes to spare. Just time for a relaxing bath before 6 hours (hopefully) of poker.

Bah! What a dickhead I am. When I got the laptop fired up at about 11.20 and logged onto Stars I discovered the satellite started at 11pm. If I had forsaken the bath I would have made it comfortably. Oh well, I went 2-0 in $500 heads up matches before retiring to bed.

I don't think I should add my online play to my weeks profit/loss (unless I do really badly live...when I might have to for appearances sakes!)

Day 1

So, I slept for about 14 hours straight which suggests that playing the super would have been a complete waste of money. But as I am totally crap at super satellites it would probably have been a wankaway-a-monkey-fest anyways.

So, with heart thumping a little more than usual I got a taxi to the Rio for my first sight of the 2005 World Series of Poker.

The walk from front door to convention centre is bloody miles. You definitely need hiking boots and there should be feeding stations on the way like at the London Marathon. Jac Arama has got the right idea. He invested $200 on a motorised bike to scoot around on. Excellent value.

I finally arrived breathless and enthusiastic. The playing area is just amazing. 200 tables! A hive of poker playing. But, I soon realised something is missing. Although it certainly seems to be well run, (some of the dealers I've encountered have been a bit below what I expect from the WSOP) the "buzz" just doesn't seem the same as at Binions. There certainly isn't such a great Euro comraderie as there is no base for sorties. Whatever time of day or night you staggered into the 'Shoe you could guarantee there would be a couple of euros ready to share war stories and a beer at the bar. As there isn't a bar within a mile of the Rio playing area this just ain't gonna happen this year I fear.

But, I am prepared to give the place a chance. The playing area is alot more comfortable the Binions and there is much better facilities for players and spectators alike.

And with the monster fields we have seen so far, the value of these tournies is immense.

I tipped my toe in gently. I played a one table sat (managed to come second and nick a $500 lammer).

Then I played the afternoon super. The standard of play was dreadful. But, unfortunately my play was worse than most and I wanked away a great chip stack. And failed to win a seat miserably.

I was a bit knackered so refrained to play again...showing admirable restraint, dontcha think?

I mingled a bit, Said hello to some old friends, and shared dinner with Bad Beat Channing and Jeff Duvall who was flying in the £1500 hilo omaha comp. All very enjoyable.


Blogger danmonkey said...

Nice to read you again Keith.

Good luck in Vegas.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous tight end said...

good to see you back up and running on the blog, best of luck for the trip

7:12 AM  
Blogger Frode said...

Spending time in front of the computer suddenly seems a litte less like timewasting. Good to have you back.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wankaway-a-monkey-fest, great line. Good to see you posting again, look forward to more of it.

Good luck in Vegas.


11:39 AM  
Blogger milfcritic said...

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