Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tidying Up

Firstly, thanks to everyone for the kind words in response to the Vegas diary. I enjoyed writing them and hope everyone enjoyed reading them. I intend to return to Vegas on the 30th June for the last couple of weeks of the WSOP.

Someone asked if I was intending on selling some of myself in the big event. The answer is maybe. I honestly think I have got a pretty huge edge in the tournament and if I sold anything it would have to be at a premium to reflect this edge and the high expenses involved in playing in Vegas. However, 10 grand is 10 grand and I'm open to offers. If anyone wants to email me to discuss this my address is thehawk67@hotmail.com.

Final Profit/loss for the first trip to Vegas was:

Tournaments = -$8500
Super sats = -$1685
One Tables = +$5855
Last Chance = -$450
HU Online = +$9810
OtherOnline = -$5100
Blackjack = +$175

Virtually exactly level on the trip. Not too bad but only due to compiling a pretty remarkable 31-10 record in heads up matches on 'Stars while I was in Vegas. As usal I did my bollocks on Super satellites, I don't know why I bother playing them, they go against my natural instinct of trying to win all the chips in play. I think I will sack them in the future. The single table sats at the Rio are plentiful and very, very soft at all levels from $55 to $1060. My advice to anyone going would be to play as many single tables as possible.

The golf selections on Sunday were pretty fucking crap. Katharine had a small bet on them and half way through the play asked how our guys were doing.

"Awfully" says I.

"Why did we back them?" she reasonably asks.

"Because they were value"

"I understand value. They are bets you've got to have that always lose."

Fair comment.

So, we ended the NFL season 50pts up, but gave away 30pts on two nobody golfers.

The other bets recommended ended up like this:

5pts E/W Ashley Alterman for the Poker Million. The useless bugger did no good.

100pts WBA to finish above Palace. Somehow they made it despite being tailed off at Christmas. Heart stopping stuff on the final day for sure.

10pts Plymouth and Bournemouth to be promoted from their respective divisions. The less said about Plymouth the better but how Bournemouth missed the playoffs is a total mystery. They failed to win any of their last 7 home matches and traditionally they are very strong at Dean Court. Bastards.

100pts Wigan to win the Championship. I maybe like King Canute but I still think Wigan were the best team in the division. But they didn't prove it on the pitch and I did my bollocks. Typical.

10pts buy field Championship Index, 20pts sell West Ham Points. These are the two bets which really annoyed me. Preston should have come 4th and we would have scooped an 80pt profit. On the last game of the season they played Derby and rested several players. Derby needed to win to secure a playoff place. Result Derby won 3-1 and Preston dropped to 5th. Preston proved to be better than Derby by beating them in the playoffs. Frustrating. But even worse was West Ham's late run of form. With 6 weeks left in the season they looked like finishing with somewhere in the mid 60's. But they conjured up a run to the playoffs and ultimately into the Premiership. Believe me, they are coming straight back down unless they spend alot of wonga.

How did we finish? All those bets made 30pts meaning the final total stood at exactly at the same level it was after the NFL season. Plus 50pts! Not too bad.


Blogger danmonkey said...

The US Open was not a pleasant punting experience for most of us methinks.
I've been unable to resist ragging Mark Strahan recently on THM forum. When he insists on posting his guide to playing blind its hard not to. Having played with him in Dublin a couple of months ago I quickly developed a dislike of the chap and I've read your old posts with great amusement. Still intrigued to hear the 'Mark Strahan' story...

2:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to buy a piece of you is out of their fucking minds. Its a 7 day event, you will be pissed and you will be tilty. I will lay any price you name.

Go on a diet you fat git.


5:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keith will have no shortage of backers, as well you know MS - if that is who you are.

Wigan - ugh less said, I'm bleeding.

Golf, you were on the money w.r.t market, the course was too tricky to make Goosen 1-2.


3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Keith,
good to see the blog up and running again, great reading. Sounds like you should have stayed in your hotel room more on the laptop :-)
We are playing on Saturday if you fancy a game, might be a bit of a comedown from Vegas though. Any idea why you can't send me e mails? Are AOL blocking you or something, other hotmail addresses can get through. Post on the forum at www.thedeucedeuceclub.co.uk if you need to get in touch.
Steve Leighton

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really do like yourself don't you?

You have a huge edge and demand a premium?

I think an investment in Acespoker would be more profitable.

7:00 PM  
Blogger The Camel said...

Someone asked if I wanted to sell shares in myself in the main event. I was happy to put up all the 10 grand myself. If I wasn't confident I had an edge in the event it would be pretty stupid playing, wouldn't it? The only way I would sell shares is at a premium. Simple really.

If you don't like what I write, don't read it.

Now, run along.

7:38 PM  

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