Friday, July 23, 2004

The Charles Manson of Poker

A title of a post on Andy Ward's blog "Gambling with other people's money" reminded me of my two favourite Sam Grizzle stories. Casey Kastle once called him the Charles Manson of poker. He is a horrible, anti-semitic, rude and obnoxious man. Unfortunately he can also be very, very funny.

Anyway here they are:

Grizzle is playing a huge pot limit omaha game. $50-$100 blinds. There is maybe $250,000 on the table.

Sam gets into a pot, guy raises, Sam reraises and eventually all the money goes in. It's a $50,000 pot. His opponent has AAJT double suited and Sam has some bag of bollocks like K972 with three hearts. Obviously Grrizzle flukes two pairs on the river to scoop the massive pot.

His foe screams blue murder "How dare you call me with that shit? You can't play poker! You are useless! Why not go and play craps you idiot?" and continued the rant until Grizzle finally snapped.

"Just shut up! You play your money the way you want to and I'll play other peoples money the way I want to!".

The other story is just a one line piece of musing from Grizzle.

"My Daddy always told me never play poker with my own money. Because I might lose."



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