Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What the hell are they thinking?

The "they" in question being the marketing departments of the various online poker sites.

Let's look at some of the players they've chosen to represent them:

SportingOdds.com have the Ambassador Dave Welch. David was one the partners in the failed internet poker site "Aces Poker" which cost several players/investors tens of thousands of pounds. In addition Welch hardly ever plays in big tournaments and since the deal in March has managed to produce a grand total of 3 diary entries. He's hardly Adrian Mole is he?

Corals for some bizarre reason chose Jim Britton. The "Hectic Tiger" hasn't won a single major event anywhere and has a grand total of two final table finishes in major tournaments in Europe (I'm not talking about this year, I'm talking about ever!) according to PokerinEurope.com not really a high profile representative of a quality poker site is he?

Now word has reached me that Debbie Rogers is being sponsored by Victor Chandler poker. The fact that she is a pretty abysmal poker player isn't really the point. She is possibly the most rude and abusive player I have come across on the various poker sites. Dare to outdraw her and suffer a stream of abuse which would make a trooper blush. VC want this person to encourage poker players to go to their site. It could only have the opposite effect as far as I am concerned.

This three are not alone as being ridiculous choices as ambassadors for the various sites. Obviously some players do a good job for their employers: Simon Trumper, David Colclough, Steve Vladar, The Hendon Mob and even my old sparring partner Roy Brindley can be seen as doing a good job.

But to give deals to rude, incompetent, low profile or objectional players while luminaries such as Lucy Rokach, John Duthie, Gary Jones, John Shipley and Paul Maxfield, all of whom would do a terrific job representing a poker site in my opinion, go without deals.

It's a crazy world.


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