Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Autograph Hunt

Someone told me in Barcelona that David Young had busied himself in Vegas getting autographs of all the top poker players on a deck of cards and subsequently sold it on ebay for £750.

I called David and found out this was total fabrication, although he found the fact that the person who started the Chinese whisper had actually invented an amount he sold the cards for very amusing!

It got me thinking however, I don't do alot of work for charidee and such an item might just raise a few quid. So, I'm going to attempt to compile such an item myself. When completed I will auction the deck on ebay with 25% each of the proceeds going to Gamblers Anonymous; Psoraisis Association; The Samaritans and MIND.

I haven't asked anyone for an autograph for ages and it will interesting to see if any of the Yank players are too up their own arses to sign a playing card.

Paris next weekend seems a good place to start, as many of the Americans will be there and I should be able snag Shana Hiatt on the Queen of Hearts!

I'll let you know how I get on...


Blogger Andy_Ward said...

It's a great idea Keith but there is one practical problem ? Who is going to sign which card ? Now, providing the top poker players on the circuit do not have egos the size of the moon there shouldn't be a problem ... oh bugger.

So what do you do when the first person you ask, who is good, but not that good, says, can I have the Ace of Clubs ? What do you do when you only have 5 cards to go and you finally corner Hellmuth ? He says "sure, no problem", and you hand him the 3 of diamonds ?

Tell you what, if you have any left when you get back, I'll happily sign the two of clubs. I can keep my ego out of the game. In fact I think that no one is as good as me at leaving their ego at home, I'm definitely the best :-)


7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As agent to a mighty young force, the upcoming, fearless and ferocious, Wai 'The Ninja' Choi, i can offer an exclusive autograph, only on the 7 of clubs, for the small and worthy fee of a monkey.

12:19 PM  

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