Monday, July 19, 2004

It didn't take long

For the blog to upset someone. And the someone in question is Debbie Rogers.
Maybe I was harsh, maybe I wasn't.
The fact I said her play was "pretty abysmal" is not really relevant. What if I thought Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey were pretty abysmal too. Does that make it right? What do I know? I am just expressing an opinion. For all I know Debbie might be the second coming of Betty Carey. 
As for the language and abuse she bombards players with, well I know it is definitely out of line. Anyone who has dared to beat "skilly" in a big pot will tell you likewise. I have a new account on pokerstars, I was fed up with peeps calling me when I was raising with 68 suited! A few weeks ago I outdrew skilly when she had KK and I suffered at least 15 minutes of abuse.
But, I am prepared to remove the offending post and apologise for any distress it caused if Debbie cleans up her act. If she goes a month without exploding and bombarding the chat box with expletives I will act.
The ball is in her court.
Fair enough?


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