Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tidying Up Again

I don't post for about 3 months and when I hear a story that might amuse some people I get one hell of a negative reaction. And you wonder why I haven't bothered blogging recently?

For the record I didn't post the name of the hack involved for 2 reasons. Firstly, if I did it would have pretty obvious where I got the story from and I didn't want that to happen. Secondly, while the hack was obviously a bit naughty, I don't think it was the most heinous of crimes. After all he was only taking advantage of the publicity hungry site effectively trying to bribe him into giving them a good review. In the world of scams like Aces Poker I think what the hack did was a mosquito bite. As an aside I am happy to confirm the hack invoved wasn't Nic Szeremeta. Why DY went out of his way to say this in the comments I don't know. Nothing I suggested in the orginal post pointed it to being Nic and it wasn't.

As for hand I described I took longer to decide what to do than ever before on Stars. Finally I erred on the side of caution and folded. He showed me 86! Hats off for a top class moody. Shame I beat the fucker anyways!

Badbeat reckons the reason I stopped blogging was to leave my Reading tip at the top of the page. What a cynical fellow. Still it was a good tip by my standards and I think it's time to reinvest some of the potential winnings.

I have had a pretty dismal season on the NFL. But the Superbowl gives me the chance toget out of it. I really fancy Seattle to win outright but in what promises to be a very tight game the 4 points start the odds men are offering are just too juicy to turn down.

I could give you detailed reasons why it's a good bet. But I can't be bothered. Just get on.

55 points Seattle (+4) to beat Pittsburgh in the Superbowl.

Off to Deauville for the EPT next week. Going to try the Ferry/Driving on the wrong side of the road route this time. Wish me luck! I don't drive very well on the correct side, heaven knows what I will be like on the wrong side!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian Wilson was aking for your opinion on the Superbowl on the Blonde Forum. He's had 11 large on the Steelers so you could say his opinion differs from yours !

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand your prowess for tipping in the sport that is obviously very close to your heart, but how much do you study American football?

This is not a snipe btw we all get bets wrong sometimes and the Reading one was a v nice tip.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was only one or two fools giving a negative reaction; it can't be fun but I hope they don;t put you off for good. I enjoy your blog, and I've enjoyed bumping into on the (virtual) tables a couple of times. Good luck.

3:53 AM  

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