Thursday, October 20, 2005

Prostituting Myself...

The for sale sign is up.

I'm looking to sell a bit of myself in the main event at Amsterdam in a couple of weeks.

Now I've got an extra responsibility I can't go round playing 5 grand tournaments every 5 minutes s I've decided to try and sell a bit of my action for the Master Classics.

They are adding 45k so it should be a good value tournament and I have got decent course and distance form, I've played the event 4 times and made the final table twice. If I don't bottle it this time I might even finish better than seventh...

To help cover expenses I am asking for a small premium: 500 Euros for 8% is fair I think.

If you aren't interested, do you really think it's worth your time posting abuse in the comments below? I have heard everything you could throw at me many times before, thankyou.

If you are interested, email me at

End of sales pitch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u sure u aint done your brains in on your crappy fottie tips, I know i have

2:59 PM  

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