Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What Would You do Here?

Had an interesting situation come up yesterday. What would you have done in my position?

I have played about 3 minutes of a $500 heads up match on Stars with someone I've never played before.

The chips were for all intents purposes level (1500 each) when this hand transpired:

He has the button and the small blind of 10. He raises to 60 and I call with A8.

The flop comes AJJ rainbow.

I check and he bets 80. I call.

Turn card comes a Queen. I check again and he bets 140. I call. (I know, I am just a calling station!)

River comes another Jack.

I check and now he types "Chop, chop".

Then, much to my suprise he moves allin!

Would you call or pass? And why?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Here's a Strange Tale...

I heard an interesting story at Luton at the weekend.

An unnamed writer for a poker magazine (you can make your own educated guess as to who it is, but please don't make those guesses in the comments section!) contacted a poker site and told them he was writing an article about online poker and would they care to open him an account and deposit $1000 so he could try out their software and report on it for his eager readers.

The ever publicity hungry site readily agreed.

The next day they received another email. Our hero had lost the grand and hadn't really tried everything out. Could they furnish him with another large one?

Reluctantly they agreed.

By the fifth day they were not so forthcoming. They decided to have a look into his hand history.

One hand in particlar shone through.

Playing heads up our hero raised with AA and got a caller.

The flop came AAx!

Hero bets all his stack except $1.

The caller raised the odd dollar.

Three guesses what our intrepid hack did next....
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