Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Seconds Out.... Round One!

In last months Poker Europa Nic Szeremeta wrote the following in his editorial section:

"Europe will soon have a new poker magazine, Card Player Europe - published by the American based Shulman Media, publishers of Card Player.

"Here at Poker Europa we welcome the competition - it will keep us on our toes, make us seek new ideas, maintain our quality and generally do as good a job as possible. Competition between professional publishers always has this effect - I should know since I was the ultra competetive newspaper publishing business for a decade.

"However I am not convinced though that Shulman Media takes this view. Their idea is to put Poker Europa out of business and establish a monopoly for themselves in Europe. Look at what Trey Aldridge, advertising manager at Card Player wrote to a potential European advertiser. He said: "When Nic goes down you will need us"!

"And look at what happened in the USA. Shulman Media bought Poker Digest - a far better magazine - and immediately closed it! Well two small things:

"1) We are not going anywhere but up - and only by improving the quality of our magazine and our service.

"2) We would not sell out to Shulman Media at any price. We are not convinced it has the interests of the game at heart".

Hmmm. Interesting stuff.

I am firmly of the belief Card Player Europe is a superior magazine (I would say that, of course, wouldn't I?). Card Player is an altogther better read, with writers of the quality of Hellmuth, Negreanu, Rokach (where and when she acquired the nickname "Golden Ovaries" I don't know), Parkinson, Sexton, Ciaffone, Jones and Chan.

I was extremely flattered when Jesse May asked me to write for the publication and I'm proud to have my ramblings published by Card Player.

But, I would be very surprised and disappointed if it was Shulman Media's intention to buy out and close down Poker Europa.

There is certainly room for the two magazines to co-exist in my opinion. Poker Europa is more of a parish magazine for the poker community in Europe, performing the valuable services of informing its readership of results, upcoming competition information and player rankings. Also, the tournament revue section is very useful.

I certainly would be interested to hear what Nic means by this: "We are not convinced it has the interests of the game at heart".

I hope and believe both magazines thrive and improve by the competition. The readership will the only winner if that is the case.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can u get Card Player Europe? I find it hard to believe that it is any good as CP-US, Roy Cooke outstanding, is utter shite. But I would like to check it out.


Dave D

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I quite like the name 'Golden Ovaries', though I don't recall anyone ever calling her that before. I have always thought it unfair that women can't do their bollocks at poker. I've done it many times.


8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I managed to pick up a copy of the Card Player =Europe= on my first visit to the Southampton Grosvenor. My first impressions are that I am very impressed with the mag.
Some thought has gone into its publication, skewing towards the European game/writers, who seem to be more in tune with poker issues than the Americans. Having said that, I always enjoy hearing about the American game and its developments as no doubt as a poker model, we in Europe will probably follow.

When I first read Nic's comment in the Poker Europa, I sensed some feeling of doom and gloom. He needn't worry. His mag had progressed well in quality and interest and as you said there is room in the market place.

9:18 AM  
Blogger redsimon said...

Try this Dave...


10:07 AM  
Blogger redsimon said...

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10:53 AM  
Blogger redsimon said...


10:54 AM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Sexton's latest Card Player article had me frothing at the mouth on my blog yesterday. But I've calmed down a bit now :-)

I would certainly be interested in anything Lucy or Padraig have to say.


1:03 PM  
Blogger chaos said...

OK Mr Young, David 'Golden Ovaries' Young it is then.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Big Dave D said...

Not meaning to be rude, but are we in danger of getting into idiot savant territory again? From what I have read so far, not this issue of course, most poker players cannot write anything meaningful or sensible or interesting to save their lives. And PIE and CP has been a testiment to this ineptitude for many years now.

Never mind, I'll get back in my box.



5:23 AM  

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