Friday, October 01, 2004

Interesting Article

It seems like tournament reporter Andy Glazer killed himself earlier this year.

A very interesting and thought provoking article by Steve Badger, one of the most under-rated poker writers/theorists about.


Blogger chaos said...

Very good article keith. I suppose as materials often have to withstand extreme temperatures so must a poker player withstand extreme runs. The game has always been about round holes and square pegs for most of us, for some the personality just fits. Perhaps poker literature is finally starting to move in the right direction when answering the 'Why' questions so prevalent on poker foums.

2:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do you really think Andy Glazer killed himself?

Steve Badger may have had some first hand experience dealing with AG and clearly had some un-finished business. However, I still believe there was something medically wrong that made him pass on. He was clocking up many air-miles, add to that dead-line stresses, some personal issues/problems...
the body or in his case, brain seizure/clot,

The unclear condition, DVT, that can occur through sitting still for long periods on an aeroplane, can also apply if sitting at a poker table for a long time...something many players that follow the tournament circuit must be fully aware of.

4:41 AM  
Blogger The Camel said...

I don't *know* Glazer killed himself. But, I have enough respect for Badger to believe what he says is almost certainly true.

I am acutely aware of the condition DVT and the likehood of poker players to suffer from it, especially overweight, unfit players like me.

In fact I believe a player from the Vic was afflicted by the condition a couple of years ago.

The advice for all players must be, make sure you at least stretch your legs every hour while playing, if not go for a little wander. Maybe Bushy, with his maniacal flitting around from table to table while a tournament is going on had it right all along.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it was a clot that did for him, then it is an imaginative way to go - flying long haul in the hope of rolling your mortal 7 is more creative than the old exhaust pipe number...

Flights back from Vegas are high risk for sure. After all the unhealthy activity in vegas during your stay, doing everything to excess, a lot of people stay up overnight on the last day so that they fall asleep all the way back on the red-eye flight, fresh when they arrive in UK. Or dead, of course. A clot in your leg is a fairly serious condition - if the clot travels to your heart/lungs you are heart attack/stroke material. Very sobering.

Simon Galloway.

4:56 AM  

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