Saturday, September 25, 2004


Despite accusations of being lazier in updating this blog than DY is in updating SleeplessInFulham, I really have got a valid excuse.

The computer I could use while in Atlantic City barred me looking at all gambling sites. So, no Betfair, no Hendonmob, no recpoker and certainly no Camel Ruminations. Is there really any point to the internet if you can't visit gambling sites?

Obviously, this is down to the AC gaming commission which rules the casinos with a rod of iron.

Atlantic City is a totally different experience to Las Vegas. There are virtually no children around, which means it is a "harder" gambling experience. People go to AC purely to gamble, not for a holiday. I played a bit of blackjack there (shock-horror) and was amazed to see seemingly every player knew basic strategy perfectly.

As for poker, I was absoluted shocked when I first walked into the poker room at the Borgata. A major tournament was going on, and I recognised about 10 players from a crowd of several hundred. Obviously this percentage moved upwards as we neared the WPT event, but it was still amazing.

The general standard of play was poor. I found the players varied between tight-passive and loose-passive. Both the tournaments and the cash games seemed considerably softer than in Vegas.

There were several annoyances however. Firstly, no headphones/personal steroes. Secondly, you had to register for satellites at the cash desk, making setting them up a long and painful process. Thirdly, they refused to run sats in the hours leading up to an event and the sats they did put on were complete crapshoots lasting about an hour, even though they cost up to $1000 to enter. A personal frustration for me was you can't bet on sports in AC casinos. With the Borgata tournie being held during the first two weeks of the NFL season this was particularly annoying.

We had a great time in New York and Atlantic City. The Borgata is a really nice hotel and NY is an amazing city.

I will be back!


Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Couple of questions :

Did you play the main event ? I didn't see you on the list ?

More importantly did you make it back in time for the Leicester game ? It was mental !!


10:18 AM  
Blogger The Camel said...

No, I didn't play the main event. I decided if I didn't win enough in the smaller tournaments or a seat in the super I wouldn't play. I didn't so I didn't :-(

I did get back for the Leicester game. The place was rocking. I go away for 2 weeks and the difference in the R's is tangible. I'll be dusting off my voucher for promotion at 25-1 if they continue at this rate...

1:32 PM  
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