Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Nicking blinds from the Rich and Famous

The life of a poker player is just a whirl of glitz and glamour.

Take last night for example.

After shouting myself hoarse at Loftus Road, in the vain hope the R's could fluke an equaliser against Sheffield United, I popped down to the Vic in search of a cash game.

After a couple of pints and a stir fry (the Vic stir fry is absolutely different class) I found a cosy seat in the £100 holdem game.

Five years ago if I sat down in a cash game at the Vic I would have expected to know or at least recognise probably 80% of the players. But, this is the brave new world of poker. Apart from Francis Rohan and Claire Hall I knew nobody.

As Francis was in the game, it was a good natured affair. We soon got yakking about this and that, and somehow got talking about the poker scene on Eastenders where Dirt Den bet various properties and cars in a pot. "I call your pub and raise you my nightclub". That sort of nonsense.

Anyways, as I glanced around the table I remarked to the geezer in trap 2 "Actually you look like Beppe DiMarco".

He looked at me kind of weird. "The name is Michael".

As soon as he opened his mouth it became obvious. I was playing poker with Beppe. He's kissed Martine Mccutcheon! He's hit Grant Mitchell!

Rubbing shoulders with the glitterati. And semi bluffing with a flush draw against them at the same time!

Who says poker isn't glamourous?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He also played snooker at Colours in Redhill many moons ago Keith.

He was pants.

Love the blog


7:11 PM  

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