Monday, August 23, 2004

The things some people will do to save $11

Word has reached me of a naughty little ruse an online player perpetrated recently.

After a heavy night on the sauce he stumbled into his house at about half past midnight. Naturally he fired up the computer to see who had been saying what about whom on the various poker fora.

He also logged onto to Poker Stars to see what was happening. A juicy $10+1 rebuy tournament was starting in 30 minutes. Emboldened by the vino he thought "No problemo, I will iron out the other 800 runners in a couple of hours and have a bit spending money for my hols next week"

With 30 minutes to kill our hero thought he'd have a little nap before the tourny started. Obviously, the booze took over and it was lights out for about 4 hours. when he woke up, he rushed to the computer to be confronted by the ominous "table closed" sign and the realisation he had been anted away.

Well, our hero wasn't going to take the loss of $11 without a fight. He dashed off an email to Poker Stars support claiming after he bought in his house caught on fire and burned down.

Poker Stars did the honourable thing and wished him well and was glad he was ok and refunded his account $11. Satisfied, our hero retired to bed.

Fast forward 6 months to the bar at Binions Horseshoe during the WSOP...

A friend of the hero was having a quiet bottle of Bud when he got talking to a friendly petrol...

As you do in these situations he asked what he did for a living... "actually I work for customer services for Poker Stars"

Well, this was too much for Mr Friend to resist, and he recounted the whole house burning tale.

The Poker Stars man couldn't believe his was his decision to refund the hero his $11! "I doubted the story was true, would you email us 4 hours after your house had burned down? But, if it was true we could hardly refuse him and if it was a story he deserved the $11 for making up such a fanciful tale!" Just as Friend came to the end of the tale along came the hero to the bar for a drink.

Mr Poker Stars confronted him but our hero was not to be embarassed. "Poker Stars have got plenty, they can afford giving me my $11"

And what if they had refused? "Well, I was going to send them an envelope full of ash just to make them feel guilty!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that story. That's why I related it on my Gutshot Vegas diary on May 15th, as the whole world can (and did) see here:

I know that Darlington's a bit behind the times, but surely it doesn't take gossip three months to reach you? Does it?

Stand by readers for news of Sven's affair with a PA in the FA, Wayne Rooney shagging a hooker and Harry Demetriou winning the Victor Poker Cup. Watch this space (in about two months time).


6:06 PM  
Blogger The Camel said...

Does anyone actually read the Gutshot website any more?

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever Gutshot is mentioned and when you post on the gutshot or mob forum you are always very disparaging about them. Can't you see they are the best thing that has happened to poker for ages and by knocking them at every opportunity is only bad for poker and looks worse on you personally.
I suppose you don't care and have no time for anyone involved in the site but please don't treat the rest of us with the contempt you are showing.

1:43 PM  

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