Friday, August 13, 2004

Someone call Interpol!

We seem to have a diplomatic incident on our hands.

An individual, commonly known as "The Ambassador" seems to have disappeared without trace.

Frantic house to house inquiries have been fruitless so far. The Ambassador was last spotted on the popular poker website "" but when officers checked the site all evidence of the fellow seemed to have been erased.

Several friends of the Ambassador are very concerned for his welfare, as before he vanished he nipped quite alot of money. Obviously they are not worried about the cash in the hands of such an honourable man as these actions are totally out of character.

Reports that he may not resurface until January at the Aussie Millions are surely unfounded and we can only hope the Ambassador turns up safe and sound in the very near future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last spotted in a £20 rebuy Tourny at Nottingham's Gala casino on Thursday 12th August.....


1:53 AM  

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