Saturday, July 31, 2004

Heard on the Grapevine...

Many of the famous American players are apparently very upset about what went on at the WPT event in Paris a couple of weeks.

Alot of things riled them, the rudeness of staff, the high table charges at the cash games and the poor organisation of the tournament and the cash action.

But, of course the main occurence which happened that understandably caused great concern was the armed robbery during the main event. Many players were shocked that the security at the Aviation is so lax that two guys with guns could get in so easily..

Don't be shocked if the Aviation isn't on the schedule for season 4 of the World Poker Tour and if it does hang on to its spot... don't be surprsed if alot of big name American players boycott the event.


Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Meanwhile, the third inductee into the "European Poker Players Hall of Fame" is ... (drum roll) ... Bruno Fitoussi !

You couldn't make this sh!t up could you ?


11:53 AM  
Blogger Harry Demetriou said...

I've heard this rumour too but do not know if it is true .
These serious incidents concerning security (armed robbery of club and mugging/attmped mugging of players outside) could well influence whether or not the WPT will remain at The Aviation Club but it's not just the robbery.

As for the Americans...they have always been reluctant to travel but this year quite a few came over and I very much doubt as many will return next year.

3:09 PM  
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