Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Ghost Town

Mark Strahan has chosen to attack me on the Hendon Mob Forum with this post:

"In an article posted July 26th Mr Keith 'pull that pillow out now' Hawkins said, in his view of the 10 'seemed like good ideas at the time' and I quote "Making your pretty popular poker website "pay-per-view" and killing it stone dead"

Mr Humpty is obviously refering to UKPOKER.COM in this statement and as he has obviously got no clue as to whether that statement is correct or not then I kindly ask him to grab some facts before making statements he can't back up.

For the record UKPOKER.COM continues to attract over 4000 visitors a month with over 8000 page views. Its more than paying its way and I suggest Mr Camel lump logs in to see what he's missing!

Mark S."

Now, apart from the personal insults (I really hadn't noticed I am fat... Have you noticed you're illiterate Mark?) he claims his website is really popular.

4000 visitors a month. Wow. I have just checked the stats for this blog and I have about 1500 views and I've been writing for a little over 2 weeks. has been running a number of years and has roughly the same number of visitors.

But if it's proof you want, check out ukpokers new free to view forum. Mark claims it has returned "by popular demand". How popular is this demand I ask? At time of writing there have been a grand total of 10 posts on his forum since it reopened on 9th July (There are 13 replies to my DY article alone) and of those 10, eight of have been posted by Mr Strahan himself! The funniest thread is "Trading in W$ for Pokerstars" in which Mark Strahan makes the first post and is answered by someone called Mark S. All we need is a third post from ukpoker and we've got a complete set!

But perhaps the biggest irony of all is that Mark chose to slag me off on the Hendon Mob forum and didn't even both to post it on his own forum!

Can anyone see those tumbleweeds rolling through his site?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on again Camel.

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the hendon mob forums and your blogs with great pleasure, I am a online newbie poker player.

I have to say ukpoker is one of the worst poker sites out there, and it has the balls to ask you to pay for its service? I am sorry but its doomed.

2:14 PM  

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