Thursday, August 12, 2004

Communication Let Me Down!

All phone lines must have been blocked from the Grosvenor Victoria Casino, London to the Grosvenor Casino, Luton.

How else can we explain how a player who was banned from the Vic last week for cheating not only played in a tournament at Luton's current festival, he made the final table!

All I can say is congratulations to the player concerned and ask the question: in this days of high technology how come you can be banned from every casino in the land for winning a few quid at roulette, yet a casino cannot relay the fact to casinos within its own group that a poker player has been caught cheating?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you inform us how this player was cheating?

Thanks Camel I am loving your site.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Name and shame please Camel.

Cheats deserve to be 'outed' !



PS. I enjoy the blog and did not really want the footie bet (pissed again !)

3:08 AM  

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