Monday, August 02, 2004

Craig Grant... "Master Entertainer"

The Hendon Mob have asked me to write a column for their website. I chose to make a list of 10 things which annoy me about other poker players.

Obviously this list is far from comprehensive. And Koumari Boy pointed out a gem which I overlooked. It's when you are allin in a tournament and you show perhaps TT and your opponent shows KK. You are funking for a ten obviously, until some genius says "Oooh I passed two tens" leaving you drawing practically dead. Just keep quiet and give the player his funking rights please.

This got me in reminiscent mood. It reminded me of my favourite Craig Grant tale. Now, anyone who has come into contact with Mr Grant knows he is quite an interesting character. He likes to tell stories. In fact, if he was Pinocchio, his nose would be so long, birds could use it as a perch.

Anyway, this episode took place at the Aviation club, Paris. Two tables out in a 1000 Franc no limit holdem tournament a friend of mine from the sadly defunct Reading cardroom, Stefan, raised in first position, Craig now reraises from middle position. A very tight German player goes allin. Stefan immediately reraises again allin.

Now Craig goes dramatically goes into the tank. He hums and haws. He counts and recounts his chips. He cogitates and contemplates. Eventually he says to Stef, "I hope you've got what you're representing, I am going to pass 2 queens", and throws his hand away. The German proudly turns over two aces, while Stefan rather sheepishly turns over the other two Queens.

The German is clearly feeling pretty good.. Barring some miracle straight he can't lose...

The dealer turns over the community cards, seven, four, deuce, jack and.... obviously Queen!

At first I thought it was hilarious. But, on reflection how must the German have felt? He went from a 1-99 favourite to be chip leader, to on the rail. He must of been gutted.

The moral? Never listen to what someone says about what they threw away. It is invariably bullshit, as the players who have the class not to bs about their hands would invariably keep mum to give the players in question their funking rights...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He must of been gutted."

And you must of been playing on PokerStars too much.


5:45 PM  
Blogger Pinkfloydfan said...

Craig Grant, what a character! What a nipper!

The weirdest pinocchio story I ever heard from him was last year when he said that after winning a tournament in Luton, he drove to the petrol station and must have left his wedge on the forecourt, forever lost. And could I lend him a nifty?!

Where are they now..?

7:20 AM  

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