Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Racing Post continues its decline

Just when I thought the Post could sink no lower, the last two weeks have proved me sadly wrong.

Two bookmakers have rather cheekily started each way betting on first goalscorer markets. First goalscorer market has long been a cash cow for the bookies, who bet to huge overrounds (Blue Square must be embarrassed by the amount they make on the market because they return stakes when the game finishes 0-0! Giving the punters approximately 12% back). Hills and Tote are the guilty firms (although it must be admitted their each way terms have improved to 1/2 odds for the first three goals, but this was not the case last week when it was 1/3 odds). Now, in roughly 50% of matches there are 2 goals or less and in about 20% of matches there is 1 or 0. Hence, you can see that betting each way is absolutely stupid, as much as half the time you bet all the places won't be filled.

Yet, almost unbelieveably, last week in the Post one of their football experts (sic) tipped Sami Hyppia each way to score be first goalscorer for Liverpool against Norwich.

I nearly choked on my Shreddies when I read that.

Could it get any worse this week?

Well, maybe not. But, in his awful column "Get it Ready!" Richard Birch advises his readers to back Stke to beat QPR at Evs. Now, I would certainly disagree with the selection, but everyone has opinion. Fair enough.

But, included in his reasoning for opposing the R's was this gem, "They'll also be weighed down by the curse of the 'manager of the month' award boss Ian Holloway received the Coca-Cola Championship honour this week."

I had to read that sentence about five times before I believed my own eyes. He gives three reasons why his readers should back Stoke. One is that QPR will be affected by some sort of "jinx". Completely and utterly amazing.

I have bought the Racing Post virtually every day for the last 17 years.

The standard of journalism and tipping is now so low, I am seriously thinking of giving up. It really has sunk to rock bottom now.


Blogger Harry Demetriou said...

It's not really suprising now is it Keith?

I still buy The Racing Post on a daily basis whenever I am in the UK and you are 100% correct.

The problem is that competition no longer exists and the people they employ to write articles are journalists rather than punters.

That's why they are not odds sensitive in the same way many internet players are not pot sensitive and give themselves bad beats by underbetting and generating calls instead of inducing folds.

I like to think of things positively though.....namely that there are so many brain dead readers of The Post that they follow selections in that publication blindly.

The best thing, however, is that becasue of this the odds get to change on the opposing selection and shorten on their tip so you can actually make a nice living by opposing these idiotic unreasoned picks that the unknowledgeable masses follow, on the exchanges.

Happy and continued successful punting.

1:29 PM  
Blogger harvey said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with the comments regarding the declining standards of the racing posts recent publications, however, it is worth remembering how the internet has changed the notion of horse racing betting. I never put a bet on anymore without checking online for tips - whether it be at official sites who specialise in offering such advice or, as noted by mr demetriou, it is the predictions of fellow punters which can be found in literally hundreds of blogs / forums / message boards. I am in no doubt that this new found freedom to publish such knowledge on the net is revolutionising online sports betting - and thats not just for the horses...

7:20 AM  

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