Thursday, November 04, 2004

Quick Trip Reports

I've spent the last month or so zipping around the country for various festivals and torunaments.

A quick rough guide to the casinos and cities I've visited...

Glasgow: Great city. Excellent bars and restaurants aplenty. I was surprised how friendly the Glaswegians were to a fat Englishman. Riverboat casino has a huge amount of potential. They could run a major tournament if they shut down the restaurant upstairs for a week and put tables up there. Bar is open until 4am! Michelle, the girl who runs the tournaments is a sweetheart. Very good value tournaments with a high proportion of dead money. Highly recommended.

Blackpool: Horrid town. Full of twenty something lads looking for a bundle. I wouldn't feel safe going into a seafront pub late at night. No restaurants to speak of except chippies and there were huge queues at the decent ones. The tournament I played saw a rare sighting of Mr and Mrs Ambassador. Dealers and floor staff excellent. One dealer provided an amazing display of ambidextrousism which I've never seen anywhere in the world. Players ability seemed to be well above average and there wasn't much value around although the cash game looked lively.

Southampton: Used to be one of my regular haunts. Great to see alot of old friends. Excellent location for the casino with bars and restaurants nearby. Casino food decidely ropey. Self dealt tournaments throughout the festival which was disappointing. They try hard to please the players. Possibly the lowest standard of play anywhere, so excellent value abounds. Charlie, the excellent card room manager when I was last there has sadly left. Nice place to play poker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks keith for letting everyone who doesn't already know that i supply alot of dead money

as for having tables upstairs i really wonder if you would like that seeing as you told me that you were scared to look down


10:15 AM  

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