Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Brief Copenhagen Trip Report

Very nice city, people friendly and lots of interesting stuff to see and do.
Main tournament very well organised with a good structure.
Hotel better than average and fairly priced.
Local players were eager and welcoming.

Copenhagen is the most expenisve city I've ever visted. We went to a bar in the city and two small beers cost over £8!
The supporting (non EPT) poker tournaments were complete farces.
The rake on cash games was ridiculously high.
In the casino all winning bets are taxed! if you have 100krone on a blackjack hand which wins you get paid 95! Makes it impossible to win.
Dealers were poor. I accept they were new to dealing poker, but on a couple of occassions I tried to help when they had a problem and was basically told to shut up.
I played badly in the EPT event.
Standard of service in restaurants and bars was very low. Possibly the worst I've ever encountered.

Although I enjoyed my three days in Denmark, sadly I doubt very much if I'll ever return.


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