Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Good Point, Well Made...

I was perusing the comments on my post about the reason PokerStars decided to hand over the money raised from their tsunami relief fund on national television.

Anonymous wrote, "...I thought the public donation was a great idea. Offshore gaming is still regarded as a 'shady' business. By donating through a public venue, they help to remove any doubts of whether the money really went to the cause or into someone's pocket instead".

Now I have 100% faith in the honesty and integrity of PokerStars. In my dealings with them their actions have always been exemplary and beyond reproach.

But, I can see why some people have doubts. The identity of the ownership of online poker sites is often deeply hidden. JetSetPoker ran a fund similar to 'Stars and I definitely wouldn't have donated there.

Therefore the decision to donate on National tv would have put any fears as to where donated money was going to rest and was therefore justified.


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